Creating Useful Synergy Equations

The aim of the workshop is to test and develop 2 Johns' work on modelling structural coupling and consciousness?

synergy equations Workshop coordinated by John Backwell

  • 10.00 Short planning presentation by John W
  • 10.20 'Desperately Seeking Synergy'- Intro to an analytical framework John B.

10.40 Workshop 1 Defining the group - Identifying the nodes

11.20 Break

11.35 Brief feedback on Workshop 1

11.50 Workshop 2 Determining Relationships - Attempting to scale

12.20 Summative discussion and comment on proposed next stage(s)

12.45 Lunch

1.45 Open session (individual/collaborative tasks)

  • Anette is away
  • Jonny is hoping to attend (and might bring his SynergyRule)

Equation discussion

Identifying nodes

Embodying nodes

Identifying dependencies

Nodes' dependency map

Matrix making

Serendipity enters the equation

Additional nodes are considered

Quantifying dependencies