Research Day

30th March 2007

Mapping motivation

Developing Vadim Kvitash's Method

Mapping your interests/activities

  • Make a circle that contains relevant drivers/interests (e.g. as above)
  • Write a short narrative for each of the drivers/interests
  • Draw a line to connect each driver/interest to every other driver/interest in the circle
  • For each line, write a short narrative that helps you to see its relevance and its potential
  • Summarise your findings in a brief set of keywords or summary notes.

What is the context behind this particular entry?

  • What related question/s does it address?
  • How significant or unusual is your concern/interest/engagement with this issue?

Describe the specific entry itself

  • Give some background detail to its provenance or location, etc.
  • Without using superlatives, try to indicate the work’s quality.
  • What features distinguish it from comparable, or previous works? (either by you, or by others).

What general approach, or strategy did you adopt?

  • Is there anything remarkable about this approach?
  • Does it reflect particular problems that may not be obvious to non-experts?
  • You may like to add further evidence of the work’s significance and/or importance

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