Data-sharing Workshop - Outcomes and Conclusions

  • In this workshop we wished to explore the meaning of data and data-sharing
  • We hoped to discover how we can generate data-sharing synergies within the context of design
  • In each of the four groups, different questions relating to data were addressed, in accordance with the specific cognitive styles

The Pushing-Doing group explored the usefulness of data - Pushing Doing working data poster
The Languaging group explored how data is interpreted and shared - Languaging working data poster
The New Knowing group explored ways to access intangible data - NewKnowingPoster
The Envisioning group explored ways of evaluating data - Envisioning working data poster

  • While some of the groups focused on definitions of data, other groups were more concerened with the ways in which data is shared
  • After the first session within the four groups, we started to explored synergies between the groups to see how different perspectives could inform one another
  • Some synergies were more successful than others, but generally the groups felt that synergies were hard to form as whole groups in the short time that we had
  • Still, some groups slightly changed their perspectives as a result
  • After the synergies, groups re-integrated to consider and evaluate their original ideas about data and data-sharing

These are some main conclusions from each group:

  • Pushing-Doing - Data can be anything and everything is data. It is the role of the designer to generate meaning from data and facilitate it over time. (Please view the PushingDoingRedesignedposter)
  • Envisioning - Different types of data are appropriate in different contexts. Need to find a way of to file data so that it can be reused. (Please view the EnvisioningRedesignedposter)
  • Languaging - In order to be able to interpret and share data we need a collaborative willingness, coupled with trust and honesty. Designers as 'choreographers' must be aware, open and courageous (Please view the LanguagingRedesignedposter)
  • New Knowing- Intangible data as 'soft' or subjective data, which can be mapped serendipically, and then possibly transferred between different domains (Please view the NewKnowingRedesignedposter)

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