m21 Meeting

m21 Friday meeting on 6th June 2008

Suggested tasks


  • 10.00am - Discussion of m21's recent Financial Audit + Modify the River of Achievements
  • 11.00am - Individual/paired completion of Metadesign Tools list
  • Mathilda to develop analysis framework from the Pines Calyx designers interview feedback
  • Julia to input her team-casting criteria (following Pines Calyx interview notes)
  • Anette to continue inputting m21 tools and other agreed tasks
  • Hannah to make the new archiving system (thanks Han and Mathilda) accessible via the wiki
  • John B. to outline synergy-math tools for presentation on 13th June
  • John W. to work on the m21 Final Report + publication planning

  • 1.00pm - LUNCH with Sunjoo Jung


  • 2.00pm - Individual/paired continuation of the morning's tasks
  • JW+ <?> SKYPE catch-up with Anette
  • 4.15pm - review of the day's progress

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