m21 Meeting

m21 Friday meeting on 9th May 2008

Suggested tasks


  • Mathilda will continue/discuss/develop questions for analysis framework from the Pines Calyx designers interview feedback
  • Julia will continue/discuss/develop her team-casting criteria (based on her work with the Pines Calyx interview notes)
  • Anette has tidied up the tools framework?, and will begin to re-import the Tools into one WORD document
    and to assign people to the task of clarifying/completing them
  • Hannah will make the new archiving system (thanks Han and Mathilda) accessible via the wiki
  • John B. will continue working towards synergy-math tools
  • John W. will work on the m21 Final Report and other publication planning
  • Jonny will continue importing video (and might even get round to editing some!?)


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