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the ds21 Workshop

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21st March at 10.00am
34 Bow Street
London WC2E 7DL

things to consider

Why we are doing this?

Three reasons:

1) Evaluating ds21 Tools

- enabling ds21 members to test some of our tools and ideas.

2) Knowledge Transfer

- sharing our Metadesign and Synergy knowledge with the Design Council (external link)

3) Putting Our Methods to Practical Use

- helping the Creative Lewisham Agency (external link) to deal with development inertia in areas of high potential.


We will take Creekside, Deptford (external link) as a case study. Although the area had been earmarked for extensive development, the Laban Centre (external link) still stands alone. We must find a new way to encourage appropriate development in the area.

Andrew Needs a New Approach

The day's timetable is intended to help us to map influential parts of the urban system in order to ‘seed’ a more widespread change. Andrew Carmichael, Director of Creative Lewisham Agency (external link) says:

“Using people with very different bits of knowledge I need to rapidly prototype projects so that the shared knowledge can be made manifest. What I’m looking for is to develop a more practical tool, partly because I sit in so many meetings where people are thinking about totally different things and the interesting ideas that come up get lost.”

The LDA / Creative London approved Andrew's investment plan for a Deptford/Greenwich Creative Hub. It can be downloaded from: (external link)

ds21 research during 2005

We hope some of our SynergyToolsDrafts and ds21-researcher-quotes are useful

Working from Experience

Transformations require down-to-earth strategies that will deliver imaginative solutions.

Mapping How Things Really Work

When we explore the reasons why things don't always work, we need to acknowledge negative factors such as vested interest and their context.

See why the above shape is uniquely useful

By balancing a manageable number of factors we may achieve some kind of synergy

Taking a more Joined-Up approach

Our complex mapping tools may come in handy because complex factors are invariably co-dependent to some extent.

A holistic approach may bring about a more inclusive kind of metadesign.

Outcomes of the Day

PDF file

A More Inclusive Vision

Imagining an UrbanSynergy approach may help us to synergise more political dimensions. See SpaceWarps .

The Economic Dimension

We may offer a radical economic approach

External Resources

The Goldsmiths Centre for Urban and Community Research (external link) (CUCR)
The National Charette Institute (external link) offers its system for developing healthy communities
National Charette Institute newsletters (external link) keep us up to date
The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (external link) has policies for 'sustainable communities'
The Walking Bus (external link) and other community-centred innovations from David Engwicht

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