How do trees relate to dreams?

  • Some dreams inspire actions, others are forgotten when we wake up.
  • In our DreamExchange (eco)system, Dream Trees are the living proof that a given idea can work.
  • This would be evident because a tree has not only been suited to its local context - but also that it has sustained its growth to maturity.
  • This shows that its immediate environment is willing to accommodate it and support it.
  • In the DreamExchange, positive solutions and designs (i.e. trees) are put on display for comment - to find out whether it is 'suited to its context'..

Viewing the Landscape

  • Get an DreamScape Map" href="DreamScapeMap" class="wiki ">overview of the DreamScape within which the Dream Trees are planted.
  • AU 'visions' or 'ideas' have four stages of maturity:

1) Dream Seedling?
2) Dream Sapling
3) Dream Leaf
4) Dream Tree

If it is to be sustainable, the DreamScape should become a culture of creative participation and shared ownership. Without this DreamScape the orginal DreamLibrary will not come to fruition.

Viewing the Dreams

* All the dreams DreamSeedlings? are in the list of dreams
* Mature ideas (Trees) evolve from the dreams (i.e. like an 'ideas' Gallery)


  • Once a dream is selected from the DreamLibrary it can be developed into a DreamSapling? to be planted in the DreamNursery?.
  • Here it is nurtured by the team that planted the DreamSeedling
  • A wiki is an ideal growing environment for developing DreamLibrary and growing a DreamSapling


A component of a Dream Tree. Each contribution made by each Au member to a Dream Tree is a DreamLeaf. It is the DreamLeaf that shapes and evolves each Dream Tree. Within the Wiki these indivdual DreamLeaf are recorded as version changes.


When an DreamSapling comes to frution and it is planted in the open area of the DreamScape, the DreamGarden?. Here the public can make comments on the DreamTrees TreeBlog. Anyone can pin their comments on the relevant Dream Tree.

If there is no agreement on planting the Dream Tree in the open (public) area of the DreamScape Garden then it is chopped down and recycled into TreeChippings


The DreamToolset is a set of guidelines intended to

DreamExchange Garden

Now return to the DreamExchange garden to plant your Dream