Relations Among the Four Groups

Some conclusions about collaborative roles - derived from a workshop held on 19th October 2007

1. Languaging~~ - ~~#339933:Pushing Doing: CATALYSING
Pushing&Doing needs Languaging for "grounding" while Languaging needs Pushing&Doing for "outputting, shaping tools and products"
Pushing&Doing is action while Languaging causes reflection upon that action
Together they catalyse processes for the whole group

2. Languaging~~ - ~~brown:New knowing: NUANCING
New Knowing brings texture and richness to Languaging, while Languaging helps New Knowing to situate and find evidence
Together they promote the subtleties of Nuance thus allowing added levels of meaning to develop for the whole group

3. New knowing~~ - ~~#000066:Envisioning: INNOVATING
Envisioning suggests "possible and probable futures" while New Knowing suggests which one of those futures are "preferable"
New Knowing is the flame while Envisioning is the capturing tool for this flame.
Together they bring new possibilities for the whole group

4. Envisioning~~ - ~~#339933:Pushing Doing: PROTOTYPING
Pushing&Doing helps Envisioning to construct a viable future in context, while Envisioning licenses and reassures Pushing&Doing to engage in new actions
Together they take responsibility for delivering the vision

5. Pushing Doing~~ - ~~brown:New knowing : ASPECTING
Pushing&Doing sets the constraints, while New Knowing shifts the focus of the process
Together they find a new balance for the whole group

6. Languaging~~ - ~~#000066:Envisioning : RELEVATING
Envisioning provides the conceptual framework which Languaging then helps to clarify and contextualise
Together they bring relevance and sense of direction to the whole group

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