Why Did We Choose Wiki?

This is not just a technical issue - it relates to our vision

wiki is a bit eccentric

  • Have you tried using it with wikipedia (external link)?
  • Try editing on the Attainable Utopias website

We want to become an Open Source design agency

  • The idea of "open editing" is both radical and subtle.
  • We tried several 'Wiki' systems before choosing TikiWiki.
  • We think it is ideal for Attainable Utopias...what do you think?

Wiki is designed to be accessible

  • Where ordinary HTML websites are inflexibie (i.e. 'read-only'), a 'Wiki' site can be accessible to anyone.
  • Its inventor described it as "The simplest online database that could possibly work."
  • The first wiki site was created for the Portland Pattern Repository in 1995.

What is a WikiWord?

  • Once you are in 'editing' mode you can create, and edit a WikiWord
  • that can then be edited (by anyone who is logged-in!).
  • A quick way to make links between pages is by creating a WikiWord that has not already been created within the web site.
  • Once you click 'SAVE' you will notice a small orange question mark at the end to the word.
  • When you click onto the question mark the system will open a new page with the name of the WikiWord you just created.
  • This can be use, for example, to explain the meaning of your new WikiWord.

Is Wiki better than Blog?

  • Why did we chose a Wiki rather than a Blog?
  • See a comparison between the two.

The history of Wiki