What is Data and how can we Locate Synergies in Systems that Share it?


What tools might the languaging group find useful? magnet words, chaos, scrabble, blackboard, gestures, epidiascope, character systems, colour charts, lenses, prisms, glasses, stethoscopes, catalytic converters, microphones, megaphones, chinese whispers...


Some characteristics, qualities and roles that might define the languager are as follows - catalyser, facilitator, intepreter, translator, distiller, connector, listener, speaker, in-betweener, bridge-builder, advocator, provocator, mediator, curator, motivator, conductor, conducer...

Questions for the group

How do you interpret data?
How do you define what data is relevant?
How do you present data?
How would you describe your dialect?
How can we create platforms to enable shared understandings?

Possible main question to consider

How different types of data may be interpreted and shared?

The team's current definitions of data-sharing synergies

Anette Lundebye's:
When unchartered data becomes accessible and contributes to creating a more comprehensive picture from which we can build further understanding...

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