Jae Mather's Role

Jae's role at the Pines Calyx Metadesign Workshop - 2008

What can Pines Calyx teach us?

  • Jae Mather is Sustainability Co-ordinator and Evaluator with the Pines Calyx Trust (external link)
  • He has over ten years of practical experience in guiding commercial organisations towards a low carbon economy.
  • Pines Calyx is a green business, and therefore experiences the kind of conflict of interest that is now common.
  • Where many buildings require huge amounts of energy in their construction and use, Pines Calyx is carbon-negative.
  • Where this process usually means the release of CO2, Pines Calyx will continue to absorb it from the air.
  • How much of this approach is a genuine contribution to global warming, and how much is it 'greenwash'?
  • Many companies want to work within the economic system, yet make a more positive connection to the eco-system.
  • Could metadesign practices help to bring these two imperatives together, rather than supporting 'greenwashing'?
  • For many specialist designers, part of the problem is that economic pressures force decisions that are harmful.
  • But the word 'ecology' derived from the same idea as 'economy'. Both deal with the management of finite resources.
  • Living organisms exchange resources in order to distribute benefits for all. Money circulation has a similar purpose.
  • Without the exchange of Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen in sunlight, photosynthesis would not work, and we would all die.
  • What ecological order of economic thinking would be useful to metadesigners? Jae may have some good answers/questions.

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