How can Languaging, Envisioning and New Knowing become a Resource for Pushing Doing?

When two independent matrices of perception or reasoning interact with each other the either a collision ending in laughter, or their fusion in a new intellectual synthesis or their confrontation in an aesthetic experience. (Koestler, 1964)

Opening up channels of communication working with pushing doing to motivate processes

Coordinating and tracking working with pushing doing to keep the 'sniffer dogs' on the right path towards opportunity

Tuning in working with pushing doing to increase accuracy in real time decision making

When does the Pushing Doing become relevant/ serve as a tool for each of the other groups during the Metadesign process?

Identifying when the drawing/creative act has reached a point of action/externalisation? Constellations theory talks about 'getting too greedy' in the moment and knowing when to finish with an 'image resolution' which is a tableaux for the issue holder to keep in their mind and embody as a.... This can be facilitated/ languaged by a constellator who has skills in being able to guide the arrival of this moment. But I think that this moment can also be picked up on by a pusher doer.... an optimal configuration to act on?