Double Dogfood

enabling two or more projects to feed (external link) each other

  • TikiWiki is a huge, venerable and popular OpenSource project
  • Like Au it is currently asking how best to manage itself
  • Recent discussion (see tikiwiki-devel (external link) mail list) therefore shows some common issues
  • A participant-oriented way to ask this is "How could I organise myself better in order to enhance the project?"
  • Au and its projects (e.g. m21) straddle OpenSource and OpenDesign approaches
  • See Michael Pilling's term ad-hocracy? (or indeed "the do-ocracy" as it now seems to be being called) and MacDonough's term Cradle-to-Cradle?
  • As Au will offer services to other organisations it needs CaseStudies? to help it play its part better.
  • Perhaps a BioMemetic? approach would be beneficial (au.o page 1 razz)
  • If you can think of a better approach Jonny may be able to translate it into wiki code.
  • The shared dog food (external link) will be the code that facilitates the tools we use in Au
  • If these tools make Au work better we will begin to create a VirtuousCircle?