What is Data and how can we Locate Synergies in Systems that Share it?

This workshop on Data-Sharing Synergies took place on 23rd March

see General outcomes from Data-sharing synergies workshop

  • We hope this investigation will inform later practical outcomes.
  • We will try to define data, and look for synergy in systems that share data.

What are Data-Sharing Synergies?

  • It is likely that data-sharing synergies are auspicious effects that emerge without human intervention.
  • For practical reasons we are working with four SynergyOrders that reflect different levels of complexity
  • We then hope to re-combine these different synergies into a synergy of synergies (external link) (Fuller, 1975)
  • Data-Sharing is the first - and perhaps the least complex - of our four synergies.
  • The word data (external link) is the plural of the latin word datum (external link)
  • Data can be referred to as "something given" - a reference point.
  • Information is the result of processing data, or in other words - is the context in which data is taken.
  • (See a Data-Sharing Synergies lecture on this topic by Prof. Phil Jones (external link)).

Eight Research Consultants

  • We have invited 8 guest consultants to bring their own interpretations of data-sharing synergies.
  • We hope that each will be able to help us to deepen our understanding of what data means.
  • Each will be invited to cite practical examples of synergies that emerge from the way data combine.

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