Work To Be Done

Some suggested questions and tasks for each of us

  • Q.:John B - what would we need to know to turn the appropriate parameters into an equation? (See the shopping example)
  1. A: - Considering n-dimensional maps to act as 'outcome profiles' derived from the function f(a, b, c, ...n) suggested by Dennison (shopping example)

  • Q.:Hannah - what creativity-related, or flow-managing elements are implicit within it?
  1. A: -

  • Q.:Batel? - How can we apply these principles within a practical (e.g. commercial) metadesign context?
  1. A.: - This will emerge through the investigation of the possible interrelations among them (36 relations in total)'' - Batel?

  • Q.:John W? - how should we best add a temporal/phase-related element to these parameters?
  1. A: - - see my notes on the creation of useful equations for synergy

  • Q.:Jonny - This partly relates to interdependence...Can we (automatically) map and display the state of 'consciousness' of a communicating team?)
    (c.f. Minsky's idea of consciousness?) within an eco-mimetic team/network?...i.e. how to register
    a) how many? connected people are maintaining useful Q-A interactions
    b) how frequently over a given period?
    c) how balanced is the exchange of information?....
    It would seem that the wiki is beginning to do this because it tells each team member what has happened to the group's (wiki-level) awareness of itself since the last time they visited..
    (is this clearer?)
  1. A: -

  • Q.:Mathilda - what is the commercial equivalent of 'emergence' and 'positional value' within industry...and how do corporations manage it?
  1. A: -

  • Q.:Anette - (how) can these principles be applied to making our interactions more effective?
  1. A.: - Perhaps by creating frameworks and methods for co-creative practice where we become more aware of the different levels of interactions, and use these insights to understand and enhance the relational dynamics towards a structure that supports our purpose.

  • Q.:Julia? - Do the tenets of Writing-PAD have any relevance to this way of mapping eco-systems?
  1. A.: -