Knowledge-Sharing Synergy Workshop

Agenda for Friday 6th July 2007

What is knowledge?

How can we find synergies in systems that share it?

"Information is the flow, and knowledge is the stock"... "Knowledge is created by accumulating information. Thus information is a necessary medium or material for eliciting and constructing knowledge." (Nonaka, 1996).

"Knowledge is internalised by the knower, and as such is 'shaped' by their existing perceptions and experiences" (Hey, 2004).

This is the third of Four Synergy Workshops

We will be inviting 8 knowledge experts to help us:

  • Define what knowledge is.
  • Look for synergies in systems that share it

Experts will work in four different groups that will explore different aspects of Knowledge and Knowledge-sharing:

  • Designers can benefit from knowledge ecology (external link).
  • This is the sharing of knowledge across different groups of individuals.
  • Think tanks and networks are a modern interdisciplinary way to anticipate and identify issues before they become problems.
  • They can be used to formulate new and appropriate solutions with a complex and fragmented world.
  • See also Howard Bloom's idea of a Global brain (external link)

What is the role of Synergy?

Previous talks on Synergy

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